I'm Chelsea
19 y/o from Melbourne, Australia

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."

I track the tag chelseawoosh

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Wes Lang

My horoscope is usually spot on and today’s scared me.
For love it said that “Your impulsive nature will cause chaos in your love life. Angry, an admirer of yours will throw in the towel”
I woke to a message from a certain boy telling me that he’s basically done chasing after me because he’s tired of trying

Career: “Working in a position of responsibility, your lack of stability will become a real burden in this domain today”
Today was my first shift since I was promoted, and I was frazzled because I wasn’t organized or together, I eventually got it together but ugh

Wellness: “Too nervous for your own good, you will slightly injure yourself. Be very careful, especially when handling sharp objects”
I paper cut myself on cardboard really deep somehow today and that just kept bleeding for a while hahah

Yeah so very accurate


rare footage of Taylor Swift, Perez Hilton and Jeniffer Lawrence admitting to be satanists and a part of the Illuminati


welcome to tumblr


welcome to tumblr